Tree Canopy Camping

To facilitate canopy research,  particularly  for  the Lichen and Liverwort Transplant Project. See  Liverwort and Clearcutting  in B.C. Canada page.

Day 1 blocking blasting of logging road at Sulphur Passage, August 1988. Later that day and the next I devised a way of raising the hammock 20′ at a time. The old growth trees were very tall and thin at that very steep location. Photo courtesy of Richard Beaupied.
Day 1 blocking blasting for logging road at Sulphur Passage, Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, August 1988. On day 3 I was shot twice by the logging company’s owner with a pellet gun and had my trees chopped down by 7 drunk loggers. I free fell over 80′ down one of the trees as they began to fall. Photo courtesy of Mark Hobson.
One frond only of W. Red Cedar that has lichen and liverwort starts because shielded from large droplets of rain by large overhanging branch. Raises possibility of creating nurseries by affixing overhead window screen frames to dissipate force of raindrops.
Broad leaf maple showing epiphytic moss-fern- liverwort masses.